Brighter Both

Far away, out on the horizon

into the calm sea.

I saw the reddish sun

Setting down in the mist.

Dull sunshine; gloomy hue

worn out, Lost in the sea.

Pebbles and a soul,

lying on the same shore.

Shades of evening, few birds

Heartbeat plopped into the sea.

Sand dunes,

cheek and the warm tears,

washed away by the gentle wave.

On opposite side of the sea

Same story repeated.

Next morning

Brighter both

Moved the world.


9 responses to “Brighter Both

  1. Very nice. Into the gloom… red eyes…

  2. Thanks a lot, Foghorn. Keep reading 🙂

  3. This is so lovely. “Pebbles and soul lying on the same shore.” I love that image.
    Thanks for following me.

  4. A beautiful piece. Your expressionism is profound. Made for an immersive read.
    I do hope you’ll check out my blog too. 🙂

  5. This is just amazing. Loved it.

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