I fall

I rush towards the mountain with bare feet

Against the dead heat

I climb to the top with dreams as my burden

Against all hurdles

I rise like a cloud that ascends to the heaven

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For those who ponder

Positive Energy 

For those who think, for those who wonder

For those who reflect, for those who consider

O children of Adam*,

The signs of God are spread to ponder.

The beautiful flowers that flail in the breeze

That attracts the enchanting fly and the bees

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Where are those peaceful days?

When protectors are turned into a killer

When the innocents are accused of slaughter

When women are oppressed and exploited

When the waging war is a usual affair.


Peaceful days are stolen and are no more

Just and upright leaders are wiped out therefore

Youths are confused and are out of state

Is there anyone we can trust anymore?


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